Balance - Tincture

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Balance is a daytime, phytocannabinoid enriched, MCT oil tincture with a subtle sweet cinnamon flavor. The use of Balance may result it in calmness and relaxation and is therefore best suited for individuals looking to help manage daily stresses, anxieties, and aid in your pain management routine. 

Its important to note that the activation time for ingested cannabinoid products is approximately 90-120 minutes. In addition, oil based preparations are not intended to be taken sublingually, but rather swallowed immediately. 


MCT oil, phytocannabinoids, sweet cinnamon flavor. 

Total Cannabinoids:

CBD - 1,000mg
CBG - 500mg
CBC - 100mg
CBN - 100mg
CBDV - 50mg
THCV - 50mg

Serving size:

20 drops or 0.6ml for approximately 50 servings. 


Take 20 drops (0.6ml) every 4 hours or throughout the day as needed. If a stronger dose is desired take 40 drops or (1.2ml). 

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