Rapid Relief+ DMSO

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Rapid Relief+ DMSO is a topical applied gel in a roll-on bottle. It is a translucent yellow gel that is rapidly absorbed when applied on the skin. DMSO is short for dimethyl sulfoxide. It is an organic sulfur solvent that increases absorption kinetics of the compounds its mixed with.


Aloe, DMSO, phytocannabinoids, Arnica, Peppermint, Menthol, Vitamin E, Carbomer.

Total Cannabinoids:

CBD - 1,000mg
CBG - 500mg
CBC - 100mg
CBN - 100mg
CBDV - 50mg
THCV - 50mg


This product is for external use only. Apply to sore joints, muscles, hands, and feet throughout the day and night as needed. Before applying it to the skin wash both hands and the targeted area thoroughly. Wash hands immediately after using this product. Avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.